What is hacking?

Hacking is a term in English that was originally meant for an expert programmer or a software developer. However, over the years it has gained a negative character as hacking is now considered illegal and unethical unless one indulges in ethical hacking.
There are various forms of hacking:
i) Breaking a company’s security to imbibe its financial and credential information.

ii)Misappropriation of a web server to gain access to a network.

iii) Sending malwares or the virus threats to others or a particular host websites.

iv) Breaking a person’s password to gain the knowledge of his bank accounts or otherwise.

Positive uses of hacking

i) Many company uses hacking experts called the hackers to know the loopholes in their security system so that they can be well amended.

ii) Many NGOs or police use the hackers skills to get information about the location of the terrorists by hacking their computers. The hackers can track their location and the network they are currently using.

iii)Hackers sometimes help to develop more proper softwares and new types of security systems so that the person is better secured.

Terms in hacking

White hat: White hats refer to ethical hackers that have the permission of the person or the law to target a person’s or a company’s computer to achieve a specific goal.

Black hats: They are the unethical hackers who utilize their skill for their self-interest. Their activities harm other people.

Phreakers: They are the people who are engaged in hacking telecommunication services or the public utility services.


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